Xella achieved solid results in 2022 and is well positioned to meet the ongoing need for cost-effective and sustainable building solutions

  • Revenues increased to €1.37 billion in 2022
  • 17 percent growth over the previous year[1]
  • The range of products increasingly satisfies the demand for efficient and sustainable construction solutions

Duisburg, April 17, 2023 – Xella Group, a leading European material supplier for sustainable, efficient and cost-effective wall solutions, achieved significant growth in financial year 2022. Group revenues increased by 17% to 1.37 billion euros (1 17 billion euros in 2021).

The 2022 performance reflects the strategic decision to focus on the development of Xella’s building material solutions and the sustainable profitability of these operations. Driven by the decision to refocus on Xella’s core, Xella continued to improve and develop its AAC and CSU production capabilities, including divesting the Ursa business unit.

« Today’s construction market is characterized by rising costs, labor shortages and environmental demands. In turn, customers are looking for efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solutions. This is exactly what Xella offers. Thanks to the superior features of our products and services, we were able to record good growth last year and I commend our employees for the outstanding results, » commented Christophe Clemente, CEO of the Xella Group. “Despite the current slowdown in the construction sector linked to inflation and interest rate hikes, Xella’s medium to long-term outlook looks promising, based on the housing shortage in our markets and the megatrends we are well positioned to So the fundamentals remain supportive, but in the coming months our focus is on adapting our production level to market needs, generating substantial cost savings and supporting our strong margin performance. »

Through its digital initiatives and solutions, Xella generates tangible added value for its customers by providing optimized processes that enable more efficient on-site construction, with cost savings realized through faster construction, reduced errors, and optimized amount of material required.

« Xella is very well positioned to adapt to the changing market environment. We will continue to constantly optimize our processes and keep an eye on our profitability. At the same time, we relentlessly invest in the excellent quality of our products, the safety of our employees and in Xella’s sustainable future,” says Christophe Clemente.

[1]All figures exclude previous holding in insulation maker Ursa.

About Xella Group
The Xella Group is a European supplier of efficient and sustainable masonry solutions for the entire house envelope. Xella is home to well-known brands such as Ytong, Silka, Hebel and Multipor and is a pioneer in digitally supported building processes. Our high-performance products based on natural raw materials respond to the need for efficient construction and the demand for sustainable building solutions. The group drives innovation along the entire value chain, from design to production and installation. Xella improves the sustainability of buildings throughout their entire life cycle and contributes to a low-carbon industry compatible with a circular economy. Headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, the Xella Group employs over 5,200 people.

For more information about Xella Group, please visit: www.xella.com

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