The sustainable benefits of cloud-native solutions are overlooked by companies

London, UK, May 31, 2022 – While many companies are looking to cloud-native solutions to improve efficiencies, save money and provide better experiences for their customers, the environmental benefits of operating in the cloud can often be overlooked, according to Zoosh Chief Revenue Officer Souvik Dutta.

Dutta said: “After the pandemic, many businesses will focus on digitization, but that doesn’t mean the pursuit of sustainability should be set aside. Being cloud native, in fact, automatically brings with it a series of environmental and social benefits that some companies are not recognizing or quantifying ».

All companies are now subject to sustainability targets, with many publicly displaying their sustainability campaigns, due to growing pressure to ‘do their part’. However, this responsibility shouldn’t be a burden, but a blessing. According to HSBC Navigator: the voice of business 2021 report, 78% of companies say a more sustainability-oriented business model would have a positive impact on overall growth.

As a physical storage solution, data centers require maintenance and upkeep which results in downtime. Cloud native offers businesses an efficient and clean way to scale and adapt, which means less maintenance and parts, which harm the environment and the business.

Cloud-native solutions create a more scalable and adaptable solution, reducing long-term infrastructure and maintenance costs, but will also provide a more flexible work environment for employees in the new era of home working. This solution has proved invaluable to companies looking for a secure solution for their new working environment, but companies also need to focus on the sustainable benefits that cloud-native solutions have to offer, in order to realize its full potential. and stay ahead of the competition in their sustainability and business goals.

Measuring a company’s success in sustainability will depend on how proactively it can adapt and invest in technology, as digital transformation continues to be at the forefront of many businesses. Many companies are unaware of the sustainability benefits of moving to cloud-native, instead they are fixated on the business benefits (cost savings, efficiencies, customer experience, etc. Companies should consider sustainable benefits and use them as a competitive advantage .

Dutta went on to emphasize that it is essential for businesses to start considering cloud native now, to stay ahead of sustainability goals and prepare for future business growth. Onsite and offsite data centers can be extremely expensive to operate, maintain and upgrade, so by investing in cloud-native solutions now, businesses will save money in the long run, as well as do their part to save the planet.

“Data centers are known to play a major role in carbon emissions, globally. Companies need to think not only about travel, waste, materials and energy, but also about how they store all that data. Cloud-native solutions are a sustainable, secure, and future-ready opportunity for businesses to achieve their goals.


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