The launch of Virtru Private Keystore enables greater privacy and secure collaboration in the cloud

Fundamental facts

The encryption key management solution gives customers full control over data hosted in the cloud

United Kingdom – March 23, 2023Virtueglobal leader in data-centric security and privacy, today announced the immediate availability of the Virtru private key storeenabling organizations to leverage the power of industry-leading cloud collaboration platforms with the confidence that their data is completely private and protected by their cloud provider.

The Virtru Private Keystore offers businesses an easy way to encrypt their cloud data and store the keys in a separate environment from their cloud provider. It is available for Google Workspace, Google Cloud and all Virtru products.

Privacy-enhancing technology has become a top priority for businesses and individuals alike, as evidenced by Google’s rapid expansion Client-side encryption for Google Workspace AND customer-managed encryption keys for Google Cloud. Google undertook these efforts to acquire and retain customers sensitive to privacy and compliance. Virtru is one of a handful of private encryption key management partners recommended by Google to support these initiatives.

Around the world, regulatory requirements continue to tighten. The Virtru Private Keystore helps organizations meet compliance and data sovereignty obligations such as the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Virtru Private Keystore supports the full suite of Virtru products, including Virtual for Microsoft Outlook 365, Virtual for Gmail, Virtru secure sharingAND Virtual Data Protection Gatewayand is a reliable solution for Google Workspace client-side encryption (or CSE, including CSE for Gmail) AND Google Cloud Foreign Key Management (EKM). It can be deployed in a public or private cloud or in a private or co-hosted data center and supports hardware security modules (HSMs), with additional support for the HSM Proxy Connector.


Paris-based HR tech firm Maki People uses Virtru as a key management solutions provider for Google Cloud and sees the Virtru Private Keystore as a way to build trust with their customers. “The Virtru Private Keystore is super smooth,” said Benjamin Chino, CPO and co-founder of Maki People. « Everything is running smoothly. From the customer’s perspective, it really makes a difference – now they feel they have much more control and that Google won’t be able to access their data. »

“Our customers choose Virtru because our products are easy to use and integrate seamlessly with the apps they work in every day,” said Bill Bauman, Product Marketing, Virtru. “The Virtru Private Keystore does this too. It makes key management easier for our customers and works seamlessly in the background. However, it doesn’t just exchange keys: it adds criteria to keys and has auditing capabilities. This way, everyone can collaborate more securely in the cloud and have the final decision on who can access their data. »

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About Virtue:
At Virtru, we enable organizations to easily unlock the power of data while maintaining control wherever it is stored and shared. More than 8,000 customers worldwide trust Virtru to power their data-centric Zero Trust strategies and safeguard their most sensitive data in compliance with the world’s strictest security standards. Creators of Trusted Data Format (TDF), an open industry standard for persistent data protection, Virtru provides encryption technology for data shared via email, collaboration tools, cloud environments, and enterprise SaaS applications. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter at @virtruprivacy.