Swiss Gold Trader Launches Crypto Vreneli

The new Vreneli coin defines a new class of investment by fusing physical and digital value

St. Gallen – A collaborative innovation, which could attract the attention of investors, tech geeks and art collectors, is Made in Switzerland and combines the traditional and the modern in a new edition of the popular Vreneli gold coin. The new Crypto Vreneli has an NFC chip. While reading using an app on your mobile phone, you will be directed to a digital financial asset in a blockchain that cannot be changed and is not interchangeable. The new gold coin represents the fusion of two investment classes: physical and digital.

Christian Brenner

The unique nature of each and every Crypto Vreneli is showcased in pixel art graphics displaying the classic Vreneli pattern in multiple variations. An identity game. Owners of the new Crypto Vreneli will benefit from added value through a so-called « Unlockable Content ». The Crypto Vreneli uses the principle of a so-called non-fungible token (NFT) which is well known in the world of cryptocurrencies. But, as physical value is combined with digital value, it is « phygital » and represents a pioneering innovation in the asset classes known to date.

Word’s first « Phygital Asset Coin ».
“Crypto Vreneli is the world’s first Phygital Asset Coin, abbreviated PAC. Hence, the first hybrid value coin and a pioneering project for gold investors and collectors who would like to go a step further than conventional NFTs. The next evolutionary step: merging two asset classes!” Christian Brenner, publisher of Crypto Vreneli and CEO of gold trader philoro. Vivents by ArtDeal AG will be responsible for the creation, design as well as the technical implementation and positioning of Web 3.0.

Phygital is a conceptual fusion of the English adjectives physical and digital. « Phygital is not only to be seen as one of the most significant buzzwords of digital transformation, but also describes an attitude towards life through which the target groups of the metaverse would like to be addressed currently in innovative and complex consumer galaxies », Vivents by ArtDeal AG founder and CEO Sarah Schlagenhauf believes.

The first limited edition of Crypto Vreneli will be launched with 100 coins available from March 31, 2023 in philoro online stores with delivery in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, as well as in philoro physical outlets in Switzerland. Each coin is made from 31.1 grams of pure gold (one ounce). The entry value is 7,999 Swiss francs.

Digital Vreneli plays with identities
The Crypto Vreneli NFT is paired with the gold coin in an Ethereum wallet (digital wallet). By scanning the NFC chip using the phone app, the owner unlocks their individual Crypto Vreneli in the blockchain. The digital Vreneli thus displayed is unique to each coin. The artwork comes from the style of famous CryptoPunks characters. The changes in the classic Vreneli motif reveal a social phenomenon – that the question « Who, or what am I? » it is being given a fluid response in large segments of society. Definitions are old hat. The Crypto Vreneli mirrors this freedom and the interplay of fluid identities in society.

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