SEVENmile issues verifiable fraud-proof certificates using Dock

SEVENmile now issues digital degree certificates that are fraud-proof and instantly verifiable using blockchain technology.

Zug, Switzerland – 8 September 2022SEVENmilean experiential learning program in Australia that helps high school students learn real-world skills today announced a strategic partnership with Port laboratories issue verifiable digital degree certificates instantly and permanently using blockchain technology. SEVENmile now issues fraud-proof certificates, enabling students to demonstrate their skills for life and ensure instant trust with employers.

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SEVENmile’s entrepreneurial education program pairs high school students with entrepreneurs to teach students problem-solving skills and help them understand real-life business problems. SEVENmile believes that in 2022, a paper-based degree certificate has no real value to a student. Printed certificates are difficult to verify and, for this reason, do not help students demonstrate their skills. Dock Labs’ auditable credential platform, Dock Certs, now enables SEVENmile to issue hundreds of fraud-proof digital credentials and certificates that students can store on a mobile phone. By scanning the QR code on the certificate, a rental company will have immediate assurance and confidence that the certificate is genuine.

Securities and certificate fraud is a billion dollar industry and a growing problem worldwide. Dock Labs uses innovative verifiable credentials and blockchain technology to ensure that certificates and digital credentials cannot be forged and remain verifiable forever. SEVENmile graduates will now have a future-proof digital credential that will allow them to create a permanent record of the skills they have learned and ensure they can always prove it. SEVENmile is working with the New South Wales Education State Agency to expand the program to 1500 high schools by 2024.

“The evolution from Web1 to Web3 happened over a couple of decades. From displaying static HTML text content (Web1) to democratizing personal data (Web3), it has been a wild ride at times. At SEVENmile Ltd, we believe that taking ownership of our personal data is a vital platform that will help transform the way the internet works and how our data will be protected. We are applying this philosophy by partnering with Dock Labs to ensure credentialing of the students we train,” said Greg Twemlow, CEO of SEVENmile.

“Working with Greg and SEVENmile has not only opened our eyes to the incredible work they are doing, but has also shown us the power of verifiable credentials in an educational setting, providing students with tamper-evident digital certificates that are completely under the control them, respect their privacy, and can be verified instantly,” said Nick Lambert, CEO of Dock Labs.

About SEVENmile
SEVENmile Ltd prepares students to become workforce ready graduates or next generation innovators. The skillful and confident mindset of the student exposes opportunity, ignites ambition, and fosters the attitudes and skills that are the path to success. SEVENmile programs are designed for high school students aged 15-18 and culminate in an event where students present their proposed solutions to local entrepreneurs’ real-world problems.

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About Dock Labs
Dock Labs’ verifiable credential platform, Dock Certs, provides a highly secure and scalable solution for enterprises to issue and verify instantly verifiable digital credentials and certificates using blockchain technology. Enable organizations and individuals to create and share verified data.

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