M Auto becomes the largest electric vehicle company on the continent

Simultaneous launch in Togo and Benin gives Africans unprecedented access to eco-friendly and affordable electric two-wheelers

M Automatic is a leading source of sustainable transportation offering ‘mobility as a service’ on the African continent, with innovative systems that accelerate earning potential through ownership of productive assets. Its affordable and convenient mobility solutions foster inclusion and promote environmental sustainability in Africa.

M Auto becomes the largest electric vehicle company on the continent

On May 21, 2022, the e-mobility startup launched in Togo and Benin with a music concert in each country. M Auto is now the largest EV startup in Africa with 500 e-bikes on the ground and 3,000 bikes ready for market.

M Auto’s mission is to provide access to innovative and sustainable electric mobility solutions to improve the quality of life of all African users. M Auto believes Africans deserve quality, affordable technology to be their own boss. The startup empowers Africans to cultivate an entrepreneurial lifestyle by creating an e-mobility experience that is green (zero carbon), affordable (less than $2/day), digitally enabled (IoT enabled system) and offers a range unmatched mileage via interchangeable battery charging stations

“Benin and Togo have the highest demand for commercial two-wheelers and a progressive government policy for domestic production in the energy transition. M Auto has been welcomed to build the production capacity in the industrial zone which will foster internal innovation and long-term sustainable development,” explains co-founder, Yasmeen Jawaharali.

M Auto has started building its own factories in Togo and Benin which will produce unique and specially designed electric bicycles and batteries for the African market, enabling more jobs to be created and ensuring the process is by Africans for Africans. Benin and Togo are just the beginning; Jawaharali’s ambition is to rapidly expand into neighboring markets and beyond once the foothold is established.

M Auto is backed by the Africa Transformation and Industrialization Fund (ATIF), an investment fund focused on Africa. Shegun Adjadi Bakari, a partner at ATIF who has over 15 years of finance and project finance experience in both the European and African markets, believes you cannot reach net zero without Africa. He argues that by adopting a clean energy transition that results in job creation, Africans can lift themselves out of poverty. « Solutions to real-world problems and opportunities for people to move up the income ladder are the only way to bring Africa to net zero, » he explains. « The investment in M ​​Auto is fully in line with ATIF’s vision and mission to accelerate Africa’s industrial transformation and ecological transition by creating jobs and lifting people out of poverty. »

About M Auto
M Auto is introducing a scalable and clean industrial electric mobility ecosystem to enable a new entrepreneurial generation to drive inclusive growth, sustainable development and job creation. The launch in Togo and Benin is the next stage in M ​​Auto’s growth and first international expansion, having successfully demonstrated that the technology, financing and charging infrastructure model works. Long-term plans include expansion into the rest of Africa.

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