KEBA with half a million wallboxes sold

At the beginning of 2021, the 250,000th wallbox was produced at KEBA. KEBA has already sold half a million wallboxes in the last 20 months, making it one of the top performers in Europe. In addition to the specialization in intelligent and safe charging technology, the consistent conversion of the product portfolio towards climate-neutral charging solutions has also boosted sales in the eMobility area of ​​the Austrian automation expert.

KEBA is one of the pioneers in the field of charging infrastructure. Innovative, safe and durable charging solutions have been developed and produced in Linz since 2009 as pioneers of electric mobility. A special feature both then and now is the in-house development of the electronics as well as the in-house manufacturing and assembly of the electronics. This depth of production guarantees the highest quality, maximum safety and, above all, reliability.

« Thanks to our safe, intelligent and durable charging stations, we were able to further strengthen our position as one of Europe’s leading wallbox manufacturers by switching to climate-neutral charging solutions, » says Christoph Knogler, CEO of KEBA Energy Automation.

500,000 wallboxes for CPOs, companies and private users
The sharp increase in charging stations sold shows how important the eMobility sector has become for KEBA: The first KEBA wallbox was introduced in 2009 and the 250,000th was sold in 2021. Just 20 months later, the sales figures had already exceeded 500,000 marks.

On the one hand, this rapid growth is linked to the growing demand for electric vehicles. On the other hand, many charging park operators (CPOs) and companies rely specifically on KEBA products. They conquer people with their own

  1. high reliability in wind and weather,
  2. maximum security,
  3. automatic restart function after power failure,
  4. intelligent load management of up to 200 wallboxes with KeContact M20,
  5. and simple billing of top-up costs.

Private users also benefit: The connectivity enables the integration of the wallboxes into a smart home and the use of self-generated photovoltaic electricity. Requirements that are currently more in demand than ever. The simple billing of charging costs, for example, is a great advantage for company drivers.

In addition, KEBA has also extensively expanded its digital product portfolio in the eMobility sector in recent years from a pure hardware manufacturer to a holistic solution provider. The latest example is the KEBA eMobility app, which allows you to manage and control wallboxes. This gave a further boost to sales.

Climate neutrality is key
With a clear focus on sustainability, KEBA has long sourced the procured components for charging stations mainly regionally. This reduces transport distances and has a positive effect on the CO2 footprint. In April 2021, KEBA presented the KeContact P30 GREEN EDITION for the first time, a climate-neutral wallbox, which quickly became a bestseller. Due to the excellent market response, we have decided to switch from the portfolio of intelligent charging solutions exclusively to climate-neutral products by the end of 2022. Austria.

KEBA has come up with something special for the 500,000th wallbox: the team asked who should receive and use this special item. The decision to award it to the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT, the heart of the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative, was driven by KEBA’s dedication to climate protection and sustainability.

“Giving clear signals from Austria for climate protection and spreading the word about sustainability is what connects us to the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative. We are happy to be able to support the organization and the team around Monika Langthaler,” says Christoph Knogler.

Since its founding in 2017, the Summit has grown into one of the largest and most far-reaching climate conferences in the world. The event offers a platform for successful projects and ideas that motivate, role model and connect people, companies and climate advocates.

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